1) jew a typically circular band of durable material, as gold, worn on the finger as an ornament, a token of betrothal or marriage, etc
2) anything having the form of such a band:
a smoke ring[/ex]
3) a circular line or mark:
dark rings around the eyes[/ex]
4) a circular course:
to dance in a ring[/ex]
5) a number of persons or things situated in a circle:
a ring of hills[/ex]
6) an enclosed area, often circular, for a sports contest or exhibition:
a circus ring[/ex]
7) a bullring
8) a square enclosure in which boxing and wrestling matches take place
9) the sport of boxing
10) spo rings
a) a pair of suspended rings that can be grasped by a gymnast for performing feats of balance and strength
b) a competitive event in men's gymnastics using such an apparatus
11) a group of persons cooperating for unethical or illegal purposes:
a ring of dope smugglers[/ex]
12) a single turn in a spiral or helix or in a spiral course
13) bot
annual ring
14) chem. a number of atoms so united that they may be graphically represented in cyclic form
Compare chain 6)
15) naut. navig. a bowlike or circular piece at the top of an anchor, to which the chain or cable is secured
16) math. a set of mathematical elements that is commutative under addition and associative under multiplication and in which multiplication is distributive with respect to addition
17) to surround with a ring; encircle
18) to form into a ring
19) bot
girdle 10)
20) to throw a ring or horseshoe over (a stake or peg)
21) to form a ring or rings
22) to move in a ring or a constantly curving course
Etymology: bef. 900; (n.) OE hring, c. ON hringr II
[[t]rɪŋ[/t]] v. rang, rung, ring•ing, n.
1) to give forth a clear resonant sound:
The doorbell rang twice[/ex]
2) to cause a bell, telephone, or the like to sound:
Just ring for service[/ex]
3) to resound; reecho:
The room rang with shouts[/ex]
4) (of the ears) to have the sensation of a continued ringing sound
5) to make a given impression on the mind:
a story that rings true[/ex]
6) to telephone (usu. fol. by up)
7) to cause to ring; sound by striking:
to ring a bell[/ex]
8) to produce (sound) by or as if by ringing
9) to announce by or as if by the sound of a bell:
The bell rang the hour[/ex]
10) to telephone (usu. fol. by up)
11) phv ring off
to end a telephone conversation
12) phv ring up
a) phv to register (the amount of a sale) on a cash register
b) phv to accomplish:
to ring up successes[/ex]
13) a ringing sound:
the ring of sleigh bells[/ex]
14) a sound like that of a ringing bell:
the ring of laughter[/ex]
15) reverberation:
the ring of iron upon stone[/ex]
16) a set of bells
17) a telephone call
18) an act or instance of ringing a bell
19) a characteristic sound or quality:
the ring of truth[/ex]
Etymology: bef. 900; OE hringan, c. ON hringja ring′ing•ly, adv.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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